Bennett– ‘Israel must ditch ‘bunker’ diplomacy, or have its fate decided by others’

The Ugly Truth

As Trump prepares to renew peace push, Jewish Home leader urges renouncement of two-state support and a new vision for Mideast

ed note–if ever there were a 1:1 ratio comparison of one of yesteryear’s Zealots or Siccari, it is Bennett, who by comparison makes Netanyahu look like Mother Theresa (no disrespect intended Mother Theresa, my you rest in peace). The same individual who once boasted with a smile on his face ‘I’ve killed lots of Arabs in my lifetime and I have no problem with that’, he is the face of militant, undiluted, HONEST Judaism with which Trump & co must contend in the concerted effort to try and bring this nuclear reactor known as the Jewish state that is about to go critical under control before everything blows.

All can rest assured that if in some fashion Trump & co DO manage to get a leash around Netanyahu’s neck…

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