White House: Trump to push Palestinian ‘self-determination’ on Mideast trip

The Ugly Truth

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster says the US president will demonstrate his hopes for ‘a just and lasting peace’

ed note–‘Palestinian self-determination’ is a fancy way of saying ‘Palestinian State’, and no, it’s not ‘an act’, as so many ‘experts’ in this movement will undoubtedly claim, given that they have now invested themselves whole-hog in the ‘Trump is owned by the Jews’ meme and can’t (won’t)  divest themselves from it and even in the face of overwhelming counter-evidence.

As we have been counseling here now for over a year, there is a different paradigm in operation here with Trump and therefore anyone fancying him/herself as some sort of analyst on events such as these needs to upgrade their operating system if they truly desire to understand the truth and possess the ability to pass that truth on to others.

Do we like that the ‘peace deal’ Trump is proposing will…

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