The Ugly Truth

ed note–Again, there is no overstating the significance of the fact that Trump will be the first US president to give a speech at this historical place. Masada was the last refuge of the Siccari and Zealots–today represented by Judaic religious nutcases out to take over the world–who, rather than submit to Rome, decided instead to murder their wives and children and then commit suicide themselves. As the Jewish historian Josephus writes–

‘They made haste with the bloody work and moved with demonic fury, so great was the zeal they were in to murder their wives and children…The husbands embraced their wives, and took their children into their arms and yet at the same time did they complete the slaughter that they had resolved upon as if those slain were mere strangers…Nor was there any one of these men found that regretted his part in this terrible execution of his dearest…

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