Will the “conspiracy Media” try to drive Trump into War with Iran get him impeached or save him?


By Staś



You may have noticed an increase in anti- Islam and the Islamic people in general in the ‘alternative media”.


It is clear that Trump picked up on the popularity of the King of conspiracy Alex Jones and has taped into it.

David Icke the other king of the conspiracy world did not support the populist Donald J Trump. Trump is not the answer to the forces that seek to destroy earth outside “the five sense reality.”   Or more to the point the Illuminati have full and complete control so don’t be an idiot of coarse Trump is one of “them”.

Trump himself a media professional is stealing some of the thunder of Alex Jones and David Icke. Icke seems to even look sad when he speaks about Trump. Jones is rolling with it all the way to the bank.  However, he “jumped the shark” when he said the globalist where after Bibi and Trump. Nice try Alex.

As Roger Stone has pointed out Trump tapped into the Info Wars Jones massive fan base and it helped him win the presidency.

Stone writes:

“Despite Alex Jones’ enormous appeal, not one candidate was pushing for his support as the primaries drew closer—not Marco Rubio, not Ted Cruz, not Ben Carson, not Jeb Bush. No one! It was just mind-boggling how candidates chose to turn their backs on such a pool of potential voters as those millions of Americans.”
Jones and Icke have a huge following but it seems some of the attention is now   shifting over to Paul Joseph Watson and Stefan Molyneux.

They come across as far more smooth talking then Jones. They make a lot of interesting points and no doubt the white middle class is under fire by the “NWO”. The white middle class of the EU and the USA have a lot to be angry about, but you have to ask yourself is the best thing to do is pursue all-out war with the Islamic world?

In my view It is neither the fault of the refugees fleeing the middle east nor is the fault of the Europeans some of whom are unfortunate clash with or siding with the refuges or invaders.  The Jews who control the western world have started this mess. Just as WWI and WWII were started. Watson is not talking about this very forbidden aspect of the so called migrant crisis of Europe.

One has to also wonder did a lot of people vote for Trump because he was going to really pull out all the stops and take on Iran unlike wimpy black “Muslim” Obama.


It is just as bad with the left they have go after the whites as racist for backing Trump and Brexit on the anti-immigration stance. However, they leave out the fact the Israel UK and USA axis have bombed the hell out of the middle east and therefore created the refugee cris. The left go straight to their anti-white rants and leave out the bombing part.

Influential alternative media stars such as Paul Joseph Watson   are saying things such as “There’s no such thing as moderate Islam.

President Bush said Islam was a religion of peace and he bombed a lot of Islamic people.  President Obama was allegedly Islamic himself and he also bombed a lot of Islamic people.

Paul Joseph Watson    and  Stefan Molyneux  have picked up on the white anger of Europe and American and the question is where are they going to take it?  Watson and  Molyneux are big supporters of Trump but like Jones to survive and have a following they deflect the anger of the internet hoards away from the “Zionist.”

Watson has gone after the liberals and his angry rants against the left and Hollywood are making him a you tube superstar. Again we must ask to what end.  I say like the “controlled media” the “conspiracy media are trying to guide the “Trump train of anger” away from the Jews.

War has created a migrant crisis.  Globalization has cause millions to migrate to 1st world nation. Immigration has been used as a weapon to bend the world’s population to the will of the “New World Order.” The real New World Order.

War has created a migrant crisis.  Globalization has cause millions to migrate to 1st world nation. Immigration has been used as a weapon to bend the world’s population to the will of the “New World Order.”

This situation is not a direct result of the religion of Islam. Furthermore, if you have researched 911 and come to the conclusion the Israel is the prime mover in the “deep event”. Then it is insane to attack Iraq. Which had nothing to do with 911. Or worse everyone associated with Islam. That would be like if a man was trying to hurt your wife and you beat up the wrong guy.


Yes, the European men and American men feeling suppressed by political correctness or cultural Marxism have a lot of anger Trump has tapped into this anger to win.  That is politics. Washington did not provide jobs for the so called “rust belt”. So Trump went for their vote and he got it.


Will the plan continue  be to try and drive the Trump” train of anger” at the middle east?  By Islam and the middle east I am talking about Israel’s main enemy Iran.

What is most astounding  is the fact that the Untied States has become a friend of Saudi Arabia who the New York Times told us the 19 hijackers on 911 were from.  Yet the USA attacked their own putt Sadam Hussain and now is after Iran whom the CIA once over threw openly.   And those bastards took over the US embassy for 444 days!

Even worse the US backs Saudi Arabia who is bombing the hell out of Yemen.

Because Saudi Arabia is of course a good friend of Israel and the United States which should make the American People Angry because were not the 19 hijackers on 911 from Saudi Arabia?  Who cares about that detail. So basic yet never discussed in the open.

Islam is a violent, intolerant religion which, in its current form, has no place in supposedly liberal western democracies.”

Paul Joseph Watson


Well are we talking about Islam in Iran or Saudi Arabia?


Paul was the Islamic world behind the two world wars that in my opinion more or less already finished of Europe?

Watson is also of coarse not pointing out the difference of the despotic rulers of Sadia Arabia and the just rulers of Iran who have teamed with the Orthodox Christion of Russia who fight out against the Jewish “New World Order”.



The Crusades. What we are really talking about is a return to the Crusades. Just as George H.W. Bush said right after 911. Were crusaders.

“this crusade, this war on terrorism is going to take a while.

Yes, Bush Jr. a thousand years. Thanks.


No one is going to get hits on the internet unless they attack some other group or write and speak about provocative spectacular.

Diplomacy with the Islamic world and between Europe and Russia and the US and Russia and Iran is hard work. It is far more fun to get angry.


The Deep State, the Deep media, and the deep pockets of Wall Street and their true masters still want to take over the world.

Trump and Putin stand in the way so the main goal of the “Deep State” is to ruin Trump and his attempts at making peace with Russia.

It seems to me that much of the  “alternative media is yet another trap and yet another safety net to protect the real powers that be.


The alternative media has become an alternative media source and an alternative form of entertainment and “The Donald” has indeed used it to his advantage


Roger Stone-

“Each time I appeared on Alex Jones, reached more people than it ever did on Fox News prime time, because Jones’ online army turns in a monstrous following.”

Stone and Trump and Bannon have brilliantly used the alt -media to win it for Trump. Of course it can be played back against Trump as well

Indeed, conspiracies and wild stories are very much part of Judaism in the first place

Just as Mike Piper mentioned that the Jewish Power was ready with a 3rd party.  Warning folks the Jewish power is ready to control a “3rd form of media”.

This 3rd form of media could be driving America into WWIII.  Don’t forget who killed our people on 911.





Stone, Roger. The Making of the President 2016: How Donald Trump Orchestrated a Revolution


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