Lead Jerusalem Post Editorial– ‘What Are Netanyahu’s Top 5 Fears from Trump’s Visit?’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please note what did not make the ‘Top 5’ List–

…An assassination attempt–successful or otherwise–on the US President

…An act of terrorism during Trump’s visit that would show Netanyahu as a weak and ineffective leader

…That Trump would be pelted with tomatoes or booed

…That Trump might come down with food poisoning

Rather, ALL 5 deal with the ‘peace process’ and the eventual creation of a Palestinian state, and anyone fashioning him/herself an ‘expert’ in this ‘movement’ and who has made part of their dogmatic repertoire the idea that Trump is in Nutty Netty’s back pocket and yet who have not factored the whole ‘Peace process’ paradigm into the equation in understanding what the whole ‘GET TRUMP’ mission on the part of OJI is all about needs to be summarily rejected, ignored, and in general considered an intellectual lightweight when it comes to commenting on affairs of this nature.

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