In DC, Israeli justice minister speaks out against Trump’s peace push

The Ugly Truth

Ayelet Shaked urges US president to pursue an ‘economic deal’ rather than unrealistic, unreachable permanent accord with Palestinians

ed note–As we have said here somewhere between a million and a billion times, this –Trump’s determination to see a workable resolution crafted to the Palestinian situation which threatens to upend American dominance in the region–more than anything else explains the source of opposition to Trump on the part of Judea, Inc. The Jewish state simply cannot live in an atmosphere of ‘peace’ being as dysfunctional as it is. 

But equally important to it all is the issue of Judaic ‘manifest destiny’, otherwise known as the ‘Greater Israel’ project which Trump’s plans threaten to disrupt/destroy, which–besides rubbing salt into the old wound of Roman domination/occupation of that area which Jews consider to be theirs by virtue of ‘divine right’, also threatens a more nuanced but nevertheless problematic paradigm which could free the Judaic…

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