On Israel Visit, Trump Will Deliver Speech at Masada, Ancient Site of Jewish Resistance

The Ugly Truth

ed note–that Trump would pick this place, of all places in the Jewish state–not Yad Vashem, not the Whining Wall–to give his speech is quite significant in and of itself, in addition to that section of his statement concerning going to ‘the place that my cardinals love very much, Rome’. More than just a little pregnant with symbolism, it resembles Putin’s recent ‘gift’ to Netanyahu of the book ‘The Jewish Wars’ by Josephus which detailed how Judea was destroyed by Rome and how–as Josephus described it–the Jews got what they deserved for not understanding how suicidal it was to pick a fight with the most powerful empire in the world in the belief that the god of Israel would ensure her victory. Yes, all can rest assured that Trump will go there and speak glowingly of Israel as ‘America’s greatest ally’ and how she is a ‘beacon of hope’ and all the rest…

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