Jerusalem is holy to Jews, not Muslims

The Ugly Truth

No matter UNESCO, no matter the Islamic world, Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish people.

ed note–as nauseating as it is to consider (and even worse to actually do) nevertheless all Gentiles the world over should get down on their knees and thank whatever deity they worship for Jews such as Morton Klein. In his incautious words (and even more incautious delivery) he rips away the ask of civility that so many ‘good Jews’ on the left attempt to create for themselves and the entire Judea, Inc paradigm in the interests of seducing gullible Gentiledom into seeing Judaism (and the organized power structure it creates) as something other than what it truly is–a toxic foreign substance in the body politic that will, if not stopped, eventually kill the host.

Even though Klein does not specifically mention it (other than to make passing reference with feigned sadness how the Christians are being driven…

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