Abbas says he’s ready to meet Netanyahu as part of Trump peace push

The Ugly Truth

PA president tells reporters he looks forward to US president visiting him in Bethlehem, possibly in two weeks’ time

ed note–let me guess now…don’t tell me…lemme guess…It’s all AN ACT, right? Abbas is in on it, along with all the Palestinians, who are all ‘secret Jews’ and who are saying these things and playing the game in order to hide the fact that Trump is a ‘tool of Israel’.

Yeah, I know, it’s getting old for me too, and were it not for the fact that I/we have to deal with this kind of BS on a daily basis in the comments section of the website here, we would not need to further underscore just how stupid these people are who propose such nonsense, no different in substance than the infamous ‘Sandy Hook never happened’ brigade who–4+ years later and ZERO of their predictions having come to fruition, nevertheless–for reasons related…

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