Ahead of Trump visit, PM declares support for his peace push

The Ugly Truth

Netanyahu says he and all of Israel ‘share the desire’ to renew Israeli-Palestinian negotiations

ed note–as we have discussed here previously, neither Netanyahu nor his co-tribalists want ‘peace’. ‘Peace’, or the absence of conflict, would be the swan song of the Jewish state and Netanyahu and his people know this, for without conflict, there is no glue holding together what is inarguably the most dysfunctional political entity ever devised in human history. Without conflict, there is no justification for the $30 million a day that Old Aunt Israel receives from Uncle Sam in defense aid, as well as the rest of the loot that she collects from the diaspora abroad.

But besides the $ issue, there is the psychological one that is as–if not more–important than the other. Israel was created as a ‘sanctuary’ to protect Jews from violence, hence if there is no more violence as a result of some…

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