Trump Taps Kris Bauman, Expert on Peace Process With Palestinians, as New Israel Adviser

The Ugly Truth

Bauman’s presence at the National Security Council may mean the White House will focus on security related questions as part of Trump’s attempt to reach a peace deal

ed note–2,000 years ago, the Romans first imposed order in the Levant under Pompey the Great and did so as an INVITATION on the part of factions within Judea who sought to bring an end to all the lawlessness that had been spawned by the Maccabees, forerunners of today’s violent, religious nutcase right wing parties in Israel. The first thing the Romans did was to return those lands that had been stolen by the Maccabean Jews to their original Palestinian/Syrian/Jordanian owners, reduced Judea to its original size and–very importantly–IMPOSED BORDERS. After 100 years of Pax Romana in the Levant, the Zealots/Siccari, the great grandchildren of the Maccabees, thought they would be as successful in overthrowing the Romans as their great grandfathers had…

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