CIA Warned in ’85: Jewish Extremists May murder Israeli Leaders to Thwart Peace With Palestinians

The Ugly Truth

U.S. spy agency marked Sharon as the next prime minister, forecast the Palestinian uprising and believed the settlements were reversible

ed note–for those who maintain the one-size-fits-all explanation of ‘Jewish control’ as the one and only answer as to why the US and the West employ a strategy of surrender when it comes to dealing with Israel, this offers something in terms of clearer perspective as to the mechanics of it all, as well as why Trump must maintain a delicate balance when dealing with these people.

THIS is what he has to work with, a group of nuclear armed religious nutcase terrorists who have as much compunction about murdering a billion or so human beings if they don’t get their way by blowing up the world as they do blowing their noses. It is the ultimate hostage situation where a group of Juhadists with guns and bombs is threatening…

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