Trump, Abbas gear up for Washington meet Wednesday

The Ugly Truth

ed note–of the many things making the list, this issue more than anything else best explains the across-the-board opposition to Trump on the part of Judea, Inc. As someone who has worked in the business world and whose resume lists success after success after success in building major projects that by definition were difficult, thorny, and fraught with all sorts of problems, Israel knows that if Trump applies those same common-sense business practices to solving the Israeli/Palestinian problem that success can be achieved, which is NOT something Israel wants/needs. 

In the first case, Zionism was NEVER about securing just a ‘homeland’ for the Jewish people. It was never about some small sliver of real estate where da po, lil, pescuted jooz could live in pees…Rather, it was, is, and always WILL BE about fulfilling the dictates of the Torah for establishing a Judaic theocracy from whence the dictates of the…

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