Russia can cause tsunami near US with ocean-buried nuclear bombs

The Ugly Truth

Former Russian military officer claims nuclear bombs buried in ocean near America can be detonated causing tsunamis on eastern seaboard

ed note–The government of Vladimir Putin is downplaying these statements, as it must for political reasons, but no one should make the mistake of thinking that this represents a denial of the original statement or that the statement in and of itself is not true. Like the recent response in the aftermath of Great Britain’s threat to utilize nukes against Russia that GB would be wiped off the map in a matter of minutes, likewise this statement concerning the use of nukes to create tsunamis is meant to convey a similarly-threatening albeit subtle statement as well. Furthermore, this goes a long way towards explaining why Trump was elected with the direct assistance of forces more powerful than himself and why ‘truthers’ (who think they have a handle on what the hell is going…

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