Lawmakers Want Trump to Seek Congress Approval for Any Use of Force in Mideast

The Ugly Truth

The bipartisan plea to House Speaker Paul Ryan, signed by 46 Representatives, comes three weeks after Trump ordered Tomahawk missile attack on Syrian air base

ed note–how many times did Congress demand from George W. Bush that he seek approval of any military actions after operation ‘shock and awe’ was put into motion? Likewise with Obama and his drone strikes throughout the world, his destruction of Libya and his raising up of ISIS and other terrorist groups tasked with destabilizing Syria and elsewhere?

Answer–ZERO, and for the simple reason that Bush (and to a slightly lesser extent, Obama) was on board with Israel’s demands and therefore both were given free rein to inflict as much  murder and mayhem in the Middle East as they wanted.

Despite the emotionally-based ‘analysis’ offered by various ‘experts’ in this movement that Trump’s missile attack on the Syrian airbase was done as a continuum of…

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