Judaism Does Not have Equals

The Ugly Truth

ed note–in some form and to some degree, all religions consider themselves to be ‘the best’. The difference is, no other religion except Judaism permits/commands its followers to murder others–en masse, if necessary–who refuse to acknowledge its place as numero uno.

And let not the reader think that this is just some ‘right wing religious nutcase’ issue. All followers of Judaism, even those ‘good Jews’ of the left who make the pretenses of opposing racism, elitism, and religious nuttery, all emanate from the same source, they are just better at hiding their fangs than are their incautious counterparts on the right. Ask them if they celebrate Passover, which revels in the destruction/slaughter of the Egyptians. Ask if they dress up for Purim and eat pastries meant to resemble the BODY PARTS AND INTERNAL ORGANS of their Persian enemies. Ask if they celebrate Hannukah, which revels in the slaughter of those…

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