UK rabbi-politician burns Christian Bible, sparking ire

The Ugly Truth

UKIP Manchester mayoral candidate Shneur Odze criticized for tweeting image of smoldering scriptures on Passover eve

ed note–if anyone needed an explanation as to why there are these periodic wars taking place between the ‘left’ and the ‘right’ within organized Jewish interests, here is a prime example.

It is Jews such as the one centerpieced in this story that make the smarter elements on ‘the left’ nervous, because by his actions and his words, he rips away the veil of civility that those on the left try to use in covering the real face of Judaism and what it means to be ‘a jew’. It’s not that the left opposes his actions in a philosophical manner–they don’t–because the left holds Christianity in just as much disdain, derision and disgust. Rather, it’s that he is too LOUD with his contempt of Christianity and as such brings too much light and clarity…

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