Spicer, Hitler and the Soup Nazi: Why can’t this White House get the Holocaust right?

The Ugly Truth

ed note–by definition, the WH Press Secretary is the voice of the President to the ‘American’ Press corps, and therefore the notion that he is an independent player is non-sensical on its face. He spends a LOT of time with the President prior to climbing into the lion’s den to make sure that everything is presented in exactly the manner that befits the agenda that the President desires.

HAVING SAID THIS, Spicer’s recent comments were not some off-the-cuff remark that turned into a gaff. They were put out there–by Trump himself–for a reason, despite Spicer’s distancing himself from the President afterwards, and the theme that Trump wants out there is identical to what was broadcast on Hollerco$t Screeching/Kvetching Day, which is that he will not bend the knee to self-perceived Judaic suffering in the same manner as his predecessors have.

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