Rivlin slams Haaretz column for ‘defamation,’ ‘vast hatred’

The Ugly Truth

President joins denunciations of Op-ed in left-wing daily which called religious right ‘more dangerous than Hezbollah’

ed note–this may seem inconsequential to the rest of us, but it is actually of vital importance in understanding events that play directly into our own lives in a very real and very dangerous way.

As we point out here on a regular basis, what the world is witnessing right now is an almost play-by-play repeat of what took place 2,000 years ago with Judea’s ‘Great Revolt’ against Rome. At the heart of this ‘great revolt’ was a handful of religious nutcases who would not be swayed by their more-rational counterparts into abandoning the suicidal business of fighting the most powerful military/political/economic power at that time, the Roman Empire. The religious nutcases–mirrored images of what we see today in various parties such as Likud, Beteinyu, and other hard-core right wing groups–believed that the god of…

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