Trump’s intelligence doubts parroted by Russia

The Ugly Truth

US allegations about Syria chemical attacks ‘remind me’ of false WMD claims ahead of 2003 Iraq War, says Russian president

ed note–WHAAAAAAATTTTT??? You mean Putin is saying that Trump’s initial statement months back that the analysis coming out of the US Intelligence agencies driving the US towards more wars for Israel was/is correct and that therefore–as Trump made clear–nothing they say can be believed now with regards to Assad’s ‘chemical weapons attack’ that Judea, Inc wants to use as the basis for launching yet another regime-change war in the Middle East?


So–just as the article outlines below–in effect, Putin’s repeating/undergirding of Trump’s original statement is now ‘making the process of isolating Assad’ by the US a virtual impossibility.

Gee, it almost seems as if the 2 world leaders kinda worked all this out together ahead of time behind closed doors…

But then, no, that wouldn’t make sense, with something as…

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