Trump seems to rule out deeper US intervention in Syria

The Ugly Truth

US president also says Kremlin’s backing for Assad ‘very bad for Russia,’ as Tillerson meets with Lavrov in Moscow

ed note–here’s what I (we here at TUT) don’t ‘get’.

At its core, the ‘muuvmint’ is made up of individuals who apply skepticism to outright rejection of everything coming out the JMSM, some even going to the ridiculous lengths of saying that since it appeared on the JMSM, that means it ‘didn’t happen at all’, i.e. various high-intensity events they claim were/are ‘hoaxes’ such as the mass shootings at Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Paris, etc.

HOW-FREAKING-EVER, when something pops up that seems to taste good to them in the sense that it feeds into already-pre-conceived notions, they swallow it whole hog. The same elements who claim Trump is a liar and a fraud and that nothing he says can be believed will–sometimes within the VERY SAME SENTENCE–take him 100% at his…

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