President Trump: ‘We are not going into Syria’

The Ugly Truth

Ed note–Remember, how all the ‘first responders’ in the movement were predicting imminent WWIII as a result of Thursday’s missile strikes on the part of the ‘ZY-nist, rabid puppet of Israel,’ President Donald J. Trump?

We here at TUT however, said it wasn’t WWIII but rather just a political move aimed at defanging the narrative being brought against him by Judea, Inc that he was a ‘Russian Spy’.

All of you out there–some with the best of intentions and some who are just in way over their heads–chirping the line that ‘Trump is a zionist’ and ‘Netanyahu’s boy’ are doing the dirty work of Judea, Inc that someday is going to manifest itself in your own lives, and in a manner up close and personal.

Sad to say, this latest was a major FAIL on the part of ‘the movement’ which considers itself smarter and more ‘in the know’ than the…

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