Defeating IS remains ‘first priority’ in Syria, Tillerson says

The Ugly Truth

After retaliatory strike against Assad regime over chemical weapons attack, top US diplomat does not expect Russian military response

ed note–as we noted a few days ago and continue to note, Trump’s highly-symbolic but for-the-most-part ineffective bombing of the runway in Syria was a tactical political move aimed at defeating (or at least temporarily stalling) the push to solidify in the collective mind of the American public the notion being pushed aggressively by Judea, Inc that somehow he is a ‘Russian Spy’ and ‘puppet of Vladimir Putin’ as a precursor to his removal via the impeachment process, thus moving Mike Pence–a true Zionist if ever there were one–into the the #1 spot.

Having said this, all can be assured that indeed defeating ISIS remains very near the top on Trump’s list of things to do, not only in the interests of stabilizing the region and preventing WWIII, but as well…

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