After productive meeting between Trump and Sisi, Israeli-created ISIS bombs Egyptian Church on Palm Sunday

The Ugly Truth

ed note–Few things worth noting–

If indeed, as appears to be the case, that Trump is serious about putting together a peace deal for the creation of a Palestinian state (to which Israel is 666% opposed) which includes the active participation of all the players in the region, then it is in Israel’s interest to destabilize things within those countries that would be participating, Egypt being probably the most important, given its size and power.

The other thing to consider is that Passover approacheth where Jews worldwide CELEBRATE the destruction of Egypt as recounted in the book of Exodus. In addition to this, the fact that it took place on Palm Sunday–the day that begins the annual Christian remembrance of Judaic treachery and violence in the events that culminated in the mafia hit of an anti-Zionist/anti-Judaic rebel by the name of Jesus Christ–cannot be discounted either, as Palm Sunday is a…

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