In Israeli eyes, Trump’s Tomahawks correct the course of history

The Ugly Truth

Surprise attack on Syrian base is welcomed in Jerusalem, which saw Obama’s failure to respond to Assad as emboldening Iran. But it also attests to US president’s unpredictability

ed note–amidst all the talk of Trump’s launching missiles into Syria in order to neutralize the narrative that the tentacles of Judea, Inc maintain in the US Congress and political system vis a vis Trump being a ‘puppet of Putin’, the one thing that has not yet been considered (at least on this website) is the effect it was intended to have over Trump’s plans in dealing with Netanyahu and Israel.

As astute watchers of all drama dealing with the Jewish state know, the dagger with which Judea, Inc uses in destroying its enemies by a thousand cuts is the charge of being an ‘anti-Shemite’ who ‘hates Jooz’ and wants to bring about another Hollerco$t. The Siccari utilizing these daggers in cutting their enemies to…

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