With Syria Attack, Trump Resets His Presidency – for Now

The Ugly Truth

ed note–please note what our esteemed Hebraic author has to say about what the immediate and inevitable political outcomes are for Trump’s latest actions in Syria–

‘The attack will allay suspicions that Trump is ‘Putin’s puppet’ and even if it turns out that the confrontation with Moscow is a sham, and that both sides agreed in advance on a limited U.S. action that would be met by a harsh but mostly verbal Russian reply, Trump will still be seen as willing to confront his alleged handler in the Kremlin. The attack could take some of the wind out of the sails of the investigations of the alleged coordination between Trump’s campaign and the Russians, at least until the emergence of a state witness or a smoking gun or a video tape that would confirm the dossier compiled by British investigator Christopher Steele and expose Trump’s alleged shenanigans in a Moscow…

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