Russians were warned by the US ahead of Syria missile strikes

The Ugly Truth

ed note–ok, sorry to have keep everyone waiting now for a good 10 hours, but there is this thing known as sleep that has to take precedence.

This is likely gonna be a long one, so everyone needs to just settle in.

In politics, there’s the way we’d like things to be and then there is the way things are. As we said here recently, if we want a big, fancy spaghetti and meatball dinner but all we have are the ingredients to make milk toast, then guess what we are going to be having for dinner.

And likewise with events taking place in the real world. As one great statesman once said, ‘politics is the art of the possible’.

Having said this, it is obvious–based upon the oftentimes mindless and poorly-considered meanderings and mutterings that unfortunately permeate much of the discussion taking place everyday within a ‘truth movement’ that bills…

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