New ADL poll: 33% of Americans think Trump’s an anti-Semite

The Ugly Truth

For first time in 53 years polling US attitudes toward Jews, civil rights group asks if respondents believe US president harbors anti-Semitic views

ed note–But, but, but…Trump just bombed Syria, which ‘proves’ he is a ZY-nist…Trump has said nice things about Netanyahu, has a daughter who ‘converted’ to Judaism and keeps Kosher…His son in law, his administration–CHOCK-FREAKING-FULL OF HEBREWS….How can this be? And why would the ADL commission such a study and make the results known if indeed–as we are told on a daily basis–Trump is ‘owned’ by Judea, Inc?

There is no reason for one of the most powerful pro-Israel/pro-Jewish advocacy groups on the planet to put something like this out except to put pressure on Trump and cause him domestic problems with the American people.

Keep in mind as well that according to ADL stats (which are of course somewhere between lies and damned lies, but nevertheless) we…

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