Likud lawmaker warns American audience– ‘Only Israelis and Arabs can solve their conflict’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–let me translate for you, ladies and Gentile-men, what is really going on here–

Judea, Inc–both on the right and on the left–understand that a new Caesar has come to power in the US who actually understands the nature of the problem and is willing to apply rational, practical protocols in solving it. Furthermore, besides understanding the nature of the problem–intransigent and irrational Judaic irredentism on the part of GAAAAAWD’S chosen people who embrace every flavor of deception, duplicity, violence, bribery, blackmail, etc in the interests of ‘redeeming’ that huge swath of real estate lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers–this new Caesar understands as well that there are huge implications affecting the well-being of his own country as pertains the entire Zionist venture, and given the investment that his country has made in terms of money, arms, blood, political support, etc, is therefore exercising his right as THE major shareholder…

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