After new building restrictions, Israeli settlers lower expectations for Trump era

The Ugly Truth

ed note–of all the things that should be making people nervous these days, it is the following sentence lifted from the story below–

‘Israeli daily Haaretz reported leaks from the meeting that the prime minister not only proposed limiting settlement construction, but also a raft of measures to benefit the Palestinians.’

Netanyahu is not playing nice vis a vis Trump’s plan to finally settle this business between Israel and the Palestinians because he knows its the moral thing to do. He’s not doing it to save his political career, which is on the rocks. He’s not doing it because it makes sense. In fact he’s not really ‘doing it’ at all. He has–and never will have–any intention whatsoever of giving up one clod of dirt lying between the Nile and Euphrates rivers which he and his nutcase co-religionists believe was given to the Jews by divine mandate. He is ‘playing…

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