Greenblatt: Peace deal would ‘reverberate’ through the world

The Ugly Truth

At Arab Summit in Jordan, US envoy says Trump has ‘personal interest’ in achieving Israeli-Palestinian agreement

ed note–for those who are still wandering around in the dark about the matter, Trump represents the proverbial ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ maneuver on the part of those entrenched interests who recognize that the US better do something really, really fast lest she lose the dominant position in the Middle East she has maintained for the last half century. With Russia and Iran successfully bringing stability in that sea of chaos which the US has sown along with Israel, the very real chance exists of a true peoples’ revolution in the region as took place with Iran in 1979.

And not just for the US, but for these corrupt Arab governments as well. Keep in mind that they are cauldrons of discontent as well, much of it due to the average Arab’s…

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