Doomed though the venture certainly would be, the new US President is said to truly believe he can broker an Israeli-Palestinian accord, so did Netanyahu skip AIPAC to avoid tangling with a peace deal-pushing Trump?

The Ugly Truth

Op-ed: The PM is a habitual star turn at the lobby’s annual DC confab, but stayed away this year, of all years, when the Republicans finally hold center stage. Surely it wasn’t because he preferred not to meet the president?

ed note–again, at the risk of being over-repetitive, there is a new game being played and a new paradigm in operation here. The powered-interests responsible for installing Trump into the US Presidency realize that a confluence of events/circumstances has now arisen were the US must insert herself directly into bringing some sort of resolution to the Palestinian situation lest a threshold be crossed–more than likely the Russians working alongside the Iranians taking advantage of the loss of prestige/credibility on the part of the US and begin their own ‘peace process’ that produces results. It is for this reason then that astute watchers of the present drama can believe it when…

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