Israeli editorial– ‘The Trump Administration Is a Far Greater Threat to Jews Than Iran’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–don’t be fooled by the ‘anti-racism’ rhetoric of the Jewish author. As a self-identifying Jew, he sees himself as one of ‘God’s chosen people’–the original racism that got the whole racism ball of wax rolling in terms of human history. This is what is known as a flanking maneuver, where you attack an enemy from the side instead of head-on, and in this case, rather than say ‘As a Jew, I hate Trump because what he has planned is bad for Israel and for her territorial ambitions in the Middle East and beyond’, what he has to say instead is ‘I hate Trump because he is a racist,’ hoping in the process not only to hide the true source of his animus against Trump, but as well, to enlist the support of Muslims, Latinos, African-Americans and other ‘persons of color’ as a means of creating an anti-Trump mob that…

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