Israel’s Settlers Are Beginning to Miss Obama

The Ugly Truth

If the unpredictable Trump launches a bid to achieve Israeli-Palestinian peace, it will be hard for settler supporters in the U.S. to accuse the Republican of throwing Israel under the bus.

ed note–yes, it’s getting old, for sure, but in the interests of posterity, we simply ‘gotta do it’…

Please note the sections of the article highlighted in red and reprinted here below–

…’The euphoria that gripped the settler movement resulting from the U.S. presidential election is wearing off and now, two months later, you don’t hear much of that exuberance anymore…’

…’Trump’s special representative for international negotiations made it clear that Israel is not about to receive carte blanche for settlement building, and that the new administration is set on including the Palestinian Authority in the picture…’

…’This isn’t the way it was supposed to happen…In off-the-record conversations with a number of settler leaders there is growing concern that…

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