The Coming Siege against Jerusalem and Judea

The Ugly Truth

ed note–as we have pointed out here as of late, one cannot understand the happenings taking place in the Middle East without first understanding the events surrounding 70 A.D. with Rome’s destruction of Judea, leading to the ‘dispersal’ and its attending 2,000 years of ‘suffering, persecution and anti-Shemitism’, all of which culminated into those events taking place within the last 100 years vis a vis the ‘in-gathering’ of Jews from the 4 corners and the creation thus of the ‘Jewish state’.

Besides this, one cannot understand the political gears turning on both a micro and macro level, without first understanding that the destruction of Judea in 70 AD considered to be the most tragic of all circumstances taking place in Jewish history, is not considered some isolated event in the past, but literally, a festering, throbbing wound that has existed for 2,000 years and which reached its climax in that seminal moment–no pun…

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