The shrill rhetoric that has been emanating from the Democrat loony bin is becoming  increasingly indicative of the ravings of the insane.

Swallowed by the madness of incurable Trump Derangement Syndrome and hellbent on avenging Hillary’s loss, some seem to believe that a war with Russia would be an acceptable salve for their wounds.

Like Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey.

Batty Bonnie is going bonkers over Clinton’s loss and like millions of her fellow leftist nut cases is blaming Putin as an excuse for the failings of her own abysmal candidate.

NEW: Democrats step up calls that Russian election meddling was act of war http://hill.cm/oYt3vVy 

According to The Hill “Democrats step up calls that Russian hack was act of war”

Democratic lawmakers are publicly calling out Russia for engaging in war by meddling in the presidential election.

The Democrats have been particularly bullish in the wake of FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure that the bureau is investigating whether there was coordination between Trump’s associates and Russia in the influence campaign, which involved leaking hacked personal emails from Democratic operatives to damage Hillary Clinton.

The warfare accusations fit into a larger narrative pushed by Democrats that casts President Trump as weak on Russia and plays up the damage done by Moscow through the electoral interference.

The rhetoric also puts Republicans—who often characterize themselves as more hawkish on Russia and defense—in a bind as they try to defend to the new administration’s strategy on Russia.

Rep. Bonnie Watson Coleman (D-N.J.) most recently accused Russia of engaging in warfare.

“I think this attack that we’ve experience is a form of war, a form of war on our fundamental democratic principles,” Coleman said during a hearing this week at the House Homeland Security Committee.

She lambasted Trump for his praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin, asking a panel of experts and former officials what message Trump’s “borderline dismissive attitude” toward Moscow’s cyber attack sends to the Kremlin and other nations.

Two other Democrats made similar charges at the House Intelligence Committee hearing where Comey testified.

The crazy bitch sounds just like John McCain.

The irresponsible and quite frankly insane belief that instigating a nuclear powerhouse into a war to avenge an election defeat is a testament as to why the Democrats can never be allowed to hold power again.


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