How They Do It– ‘A Jew Made The JCC Bomb Threats? This Is What Heartbreak Feels Like’

The Ugly Truth

ed note–in any piece of machinery, there are several moving parts. Some of them are BIG gears with BIG teeth that have lots of power behind them and are directly responsible for achieving whatever it is the piece of machinery is designed to do, such as a car, tractor, or whatever.

And then there are the smaller parts, i.e. small gears with small teeth that play a secondary role to the main action. Their role is supportive to those big gears with big teeth that drive the axle and make the machine move. These smaller wheels might drive a water pump that cools the engine, an alternator that keeps the battery charged or the fuel pump that brings gasoline to the combustion chamber.

And this is how Judea, Inc ‘does it’. There are the big gears that make big events happen, and then there are the smaller gears that play a…

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