Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones backs off ‘Pizzagate’ claims

The Ugly Truth

ed note–in the immediate moments following the ‘breaking’ of the now-infamous ‘pizzagate’ story, we were being inundated with emails from readers wondering why we weren’t ‘running with it’. I/we explained that–Like it’s twin sisters Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing, etc, that it had all the initial earmarks of being yet another wild goose chase that had been deliberately concocted by our enemies designed to make us all look bad and ruin our credibility. Turns out, we were right, and even someone as unhinged as Alex Jones now recognizes what a mistake it all was.

All can rest assured however that even as these words are being written and read, THEY are busy at work conjuring up the next one, and what’s worse, WE as movement, or at least an embarrassingly high number of us, will fall for it all over again and in the process, rather than adopt the…

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