Lieberman threatens to ‘destroy’ Syrian air defense systems

The Ugly Truth

After Friday’s attempt by Syria to down IAF planes, defense minister says in next incident Israel will have no ‘hesitation’

ed note–all can absolutely rest assured that the recent events involving the act of war against Syria by the Jewish state was/is directly tied to the failed attempt on the part of Netanyahu to sway Russian President Putin into seeing things ‘Bibi’s way’ at their recent meeting in Moscow. The fact that Nutty Netty tried to ‘Purimize’ Putin but with absolutely no luck, followed by Putin’s subtle yet clear warning to Netanyahu that Israel stands on the brink of seeing history repeat itself vis a vis the destruction of Jerusalem by the Roman Empire as outlined in Josephus’ book ‘Wars of the Jews’ which Putin gave Netanyahu as a ‘Purim’ gift indicates that the recent attack by Israel should not be seen as some isolated and disconnected event. Furthermore, all…

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