Donald Trump stuns the Middle East by sending an honest broker

The Ugly Truth

Despite administration’s unprecedented pledge of allegiance to Netanyahu, Jason Greenblatt’s carefully calibrated visit shows US peace bid will take all sides into account

ed note–as always, pay close attention to those sections highlighted in red, but especially the last paragraph–

‘Some Israeli politicians and pundits surmised on Friday that Netanyahu started missing Barack Obama this week. In the past, he could always blame the former president’s perceived anti-Israel attitude when pressured by his right-wing rivals over the slow pace of settlement constructions. With Trump, who etched his friendship to Netanyahu onto the White House website, this is no longer possible…’

In other words, all the facetime Trump gave to his pro-Israel/pro-Jewish sympathies have effectively insulated him from the all-too-predictable charges of being ‘anti-Israel’ that Jewish interests screech whenever they don’t get their way.

Sort of like maybe he planned it this way, huh?

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