How they do it– Michigan Jews Launch Online Drive For Torched Mosque

The Ugly Truth

ed note–we warned years ago that if the white Christians didn’t wise up and abandon what was at that time ‘mission creep’–meaning the bashing of Islam that was making inroads into the 9/11 truth movement–that in due time, once the entire phenomenon had become a ‘white, christian’ thing that the Jews primarily responsible for setting the fires in the first place would slip out the back, leaving conservative white Christians at the scene holding the can of gasoline and the matches while the Jews joined in on the chorus of those denouncing the arson.

Now we can see this thing coming full circle, as the blame for the entire ‘clash of civilizations’ which Judea, Inc began now falls squarely in the lap of western, white Christendom, as organized Jewish interests are now actively involved in forming the ‘Crescent and Star-of-David Solidarity Movement’, when in fact the two share nothing in…

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