Abbas to US envoy: Peace deal possible under Trump

The Ugly Truth

PA president commits ‘to preventing inflammatory rhetoric and incitement’ in meeting with Jason Greenblatt

ed note–Several important items.

Now we can understand better why there was an across-the-board, continuous, and united front on the part of Judea, Inc against Trump. As a businessman, he has no regard for ideology, except for what is practical and what makes sense from a business perspective. As he sees it, there is more than enough for all sides to get what they want and to thus put down the guns and put away the bombs.

The problem however is that he is dealing with people on the Judaic side of the negotiating table who have no regards for what makes sense and for what is practical. They are ideologues who are driven by an irrational ideology with outcomes that are impossible and unattainable and who are willing–if necessary–to take the entire world down with…

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