Anti-Semitic Flyers in Texas Campus Highlight Condemnation Dilemma

The Ugly Truth

The flyer found at Texas State University, March 2017.

Texas State University ‘cautiously’ speaks out about anti-Semitic flyers on campus, saying it is hesitant to give the haters publicity.

ed note–do not be fooled for a moment into believing that the ‘panic’ which organized Jewish groups (including the ADL) are making the pretenses of displaying are in any sense genuine. They love this stuff and as far as they are concerned, there isn’t enough of it. As the late, great Mike Piper used to say concerning Anglin and his fellow travelers– ‘If he didn’t exist naturally, the Jews would have to invent him, given as indispensable as he is in helping them create the narrative they need.’

Just as ISIS was created to give Islam a bad name and strike terror into the hearts of those whose trauma-based mind control cooperation was needed in order for Judea, Inc to meet her goals, likewise modern day White Nationalism (as manifested…

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