Annihilating Amalek is different from Nazi actions

The Ugly Truth

The mitzvah to annihilate Amalek is also moral and logical – to deter the wicked. May the mitzvah be applied in our day?


Anyone who still entertains any kind of confusion over why Jews as a group operate as virtually one mind in their war against Gentiledom need look no further than this piece in understanding why. The Rabbis have always maintained an almost occult-like power over the thinking of the people under their sway, giving a whole new dimension of understanding vis a vis Jesus and His condemnations of the Jewish priesthood which he characterized as ‘children of their father, the devil, who is the father of lies’ as well as His statement that those who find themselves under the sway of the Jewish priesthood wind u becoming ‘sons of hell’ themselves.

Having said this, please pay attention to the…

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