Rejecting Purim parallel, Iranian Parliament speaker tells Netanyahu to ‘read the Torah’

The Ugly Truth

On holiday of averted genocide of Jews in Persia, Ali Larijani says ‘nothing more than presenting such lies is expected from a wicked Zionist’

ed note–We are often accused of being ‘apologists’ for Islam and giving our Muslim friends a free pass when it comes to the same critical posture we employ in our examination/criticisms of Christians, so here goes our refutation of that charge here.

Of the many impediments existing today which prevent an honest and productive understanding (and subsequent solution) to the problems arising out of Zionism and organized Jewish power, it is the unwillingness on the part of virtually all persons assembled in the discussion–including those within the Islamic community worldwide–to deal with the beating heart of the ‘Jewish power’ problem, which is the infernal,  insane religion that drives the infernal, insane behavior of its adherents. The Islamic interpretation of Judaism is that it is a ‘revealed’…

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