Rejecting Purim spiel, Putin tells Netanyahu to stop dwelling on past

The Ugly Truth


After PM tries to sell concerns over Iran based on holiday tale, Russian president says ‘we now live in a different world’

ed note–No one should underestimate the significance and implications associated with Putin’s statement.

In the first case, what he is basically saying in the immediate sense is ‘Forget, Bibi. All your hot air is not going to change the course that the rest of the sane world has charted with regards to resolving this situation in Syria, and you can just abandon the notion of doing to Iran what you and your cousins achieved with the destruction of Iraq’.

The more long-range statement however is even more important, because what he is saying in fact is that the entire geo-political course upon which the Jews are intent upon steering the world, i.e. erasing thousands of years of human progress/civilization and dragging the world backwards in time where the…

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