Lest We Forget– In Israel kids dress up as burning Twin Towers for Purim

The Ugly Truth

אילאי ונהוראי בני ה-7 התחפשו למגדלי התאומים (צילום: רעות ביטון)

ed note–In putting this thing in its proper perspective, imagine for a moment, ladies and Gentile-men, kids dressing up as WWII ‘gas chambers’ for Halloween, as the hangman’s noose that was used to execute Leo Frank, the Jew who was convicted of murdering a little 13 year old girl named Mary Phagin, or as Titus, the Roman general who destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD and sent the Jews on an all expense paid trip into the diaspora?

Oy vey, the noise, screeching, and everything in between…

But when Jews celebrate a successful operation they pulled off on the morning of 9/11 when 3,000 Americans lost their lives, thus kicking off the ‘clash of civilizations’ that they have been planning since the 9th of Av, 70 AD, it is perfectly kosher, just ‘kids-havin-fun’ and all a big joke.

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