How They Do it–Judea, Inc setting the stage for absorbing Saudi Arabia within the borders of Eretz y’Israel

The Ugly Truth

ed note–besides the obvious, which is the almost unbearable slavish stupidity on the part of the Christian Zionist towards the wolf in sheep’s clothing seated across from him (as well as the almost equally-unbearable schmoozing on the part of the wolf towards his soon-to-be dinner) please take SERIOUS note of what is said at the 4.00 mark of the video–

‘Moses, Aaron, Jethro were in Mecca, and when god says in Deuteronomy 11 that the borders of Israel will include the desert to the south, that desert is Arabia, and that wherever the souls of our feet will tread will belong to Israel’.

And then at the 8.50 mark where he says–

‘When we’re looking at the final borders of Israel, as promised by god, the borders say from the Mediterranean to the Euphrates and from Lebanon to the desert, and that desert had to have been Saudi Arabia…’

Pay close attention…

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