‘Stop trying to intimidate us on annexation’

The Ugly Truth


Land of Israel Lobby hits back at Lieberman claims Trump administration warned Israel against annexation.

ed note–please pay VERY CLOSE attention to the items contained in this story, as they are the equivalent of DNA, carpet fibers and other pieces of evidence that help investigators in putting together a picture of what has taken/is taking place.

What we are witnessing at this moment is a catfight amongst Israel’s various political factions, but especially amongst those making up the right wing, where there are differing variations between ‘right wing’–such as Likud–and ‘RIGHT WING’–such as Jewish Home. The ‘RIGHT WING’, as embodied by religious nutcases such as Smotrich are infected with the very same irrational Zeal that clouded the judgment of his forebearers in 70 AD when they believed that the god of Israel would apply the same favoritism, fire and brimstone in Judea’s war against Rome that was said to have been applied…

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