Is It Possible That Likud’s Gay Lawmaker Isn’t Really Gay?

The Ugly Truth


When it comes to LGBT rights, MK Amir Ohana acts like the last of the heterosexuals in a far-right party. It’s a pity we can’t send him Elijah from ‘Girls’ to show him the light.

ed note–I don’t expect the reader to bore themselves with all the tawdry discussion surrounding this Likud creature and what might/might not be his bedroom or backseat behavior. The sole purpose of posting this is to show that there is this operational maneuver that occurs in politics where someone plays the role of so-and-so or such-and-such in order to confuse people and create the necessary camouflage in getting the job done, and  whether it is a straight man pretending to be gay or an Ivanka Trump pretending to be Jewish, it is just ‘how things are done’ in the political world and therefore all those who fancy themselves experts on matter such as these need to take such…

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